Visitor Pilot

Dear Visiting International Pilots,

Hello and thank you for taking the time to find out how to fly legally in Indonesia.

Visiting pilots are welcome to Indonesia, but there are a few things the visiting pilot needs to know and abide by while flying in this country.


Indonesia is an independent country with its own aviation laws.

They are laws which help to protect the interests of its citizens, their safety and their property from those that would disregard them. Indonesia Law requires all visiting and local pilots to have a current FASI PARALAYANG membership to legally fly in Indonesia. The inclusive insurance is compulsory and not optional.

This insurance is required to keep Indonesia’s existing flying sites open to our pilots.

City and State Governments require this insurance to be in place to protect their interest, otherwise they would shut down the flight sites.

The FASI Paralayang has to ensure Visiting Pilots have insurance coverage that can be accessed for claims in respect of accidents in Indonesia and in legal proceedings in Indonesia. The only feasible means of ensuring appropriate and accessible insurance is in place is for the FASI Paralayang to contract for such coverage throughout Indonesia.


Visiting pilots must be sure they have FASI Paralayang Visiting Pilot Membership (VPM), before flying in Indonesia.

It is preferable for this to be organised before arriving in Indonesia.

The VPM enables you to fly in Indonesia on your overseas qualification for the period of the membership.

Tandem operations carried out by visiting pilot members are strictly prohibited, unless you have KITAS and had approval of an application from the Chairman of FASI Paralayang, Indonesia.

After receiving such approval, you may perform tandem operations, however, instructional or commercial tandem operations are strictly prohibited.


The following FASI PARALAYANG Visiting Pilot Memberships are available for overseas pilots who hold a current license from their home country organization:

  • 1 month for IDR 200.000,-
  • 2 months for IDR 350.000,-
  • 3 months for IDR 500.000,-

Additional financial support for each province(s) that you will visit are:

1 month for IDR 50.000,- per Province per Month.

For example:

You will visit Indonesia for 1 month, and wants to fly in Mount Bromo, East Java, and Bali. It means you will fly in Indonesia, and you will explore 2 provinces during your visit (East Java & Bali). By having this condition, you will have to contribute as:

  • 1 month x IDR 200.000,- (FASI Paralayang – Country)
  • 1 month x IDR 50.000,- (East Java – Province 1)
  • 1 month x IDR 50.000,- (Bali – Province 2)
  • TOTAL is IDR 300.000,-

This form of membership is only renewable once in any 3 months period, from the date of the initial application.


Under Indonesia law your pilot license lapses if you are not a current financial member of the FASI Paralayang. Flying without a current recognized pilot license is an offence against Country law and is referred by FASI (National Air Control) for prosecution by the Indonesia Air Force.

Visiting Pilot Members (VPM's) must comply with Indonesia aviation law. The FASI Paralayang Operations manual is a part of Indonesia Aviation Law.

Access to most sites in Indonesia does not require local site/club membership with notable exceptions in Bali, because access at these sites is through local leases or local ownership of land the high cost of which is reasonably borne by the users because without those revenues to support that costly investment, these sites would be non-existent.

Insurance costs money and the premiums paid by the FASI Paralayang are based on the FASI total membership numbers which includes the number of visiting pilots; and the charge is the same per member whether they fly for one day of the year or every day of the year.

The FASI Paralayang made a policy decision to reduce the VPM fee to support International competition and pilot tourism and in the interests of supporting the concept of the International sport aviation community.

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