Event Single
Event Info:
  • 25 - 28 May 2024
  • Mount Menyan, Kalibaru, Banyuwangi
  • Rp. 1.360.000,- (Biaya Registrasi)

Organized by FASI Paralayang Banyuwangi


Event programme

Official Registration: 25 may 2024 at 07:00 – 11:00 at Margo Utomo hill view resot 2
Headquarter: Margo Utomo hill view resot 1 (Margo Utomo hill view resort 1) (Margo Utomo hill view resort 2)
Glider Inspection: after registration
General & Mandatory Safety Briefing: 11:30 at Margo Utomo hill view resort 2
Competition day (Round 1): 25 may 2024 at 13:00 – 17:00 at Take off Mount Menyan
Opening ceremony: 25 may 2024, Margo Utomo hill view resort 2, 18:30
Contest flying days: 25 – 28 may 2024
Prize-giving and Closing ceremony: 28 may 2024 at 18:00 at Landing area Typical daily schedule
•    05:30 - Headquarters Open
•    05:30 - Leving Hotel at Margo utomo
•    05:30 - Pick up car at lobby and Breakfast Box at Landing area
•    06:00 - Pilot briefing / Start of competition day
•    06:30 - Transportation to Take off
•    07:15 - Deadline for complaints/protests of the previous day
•    12.00 - Lunch at landing area
•    17:00 - End of competition day
•    19:00 - Headquarters closes
•    20:00 - Complaints resolution published

The daily schedule is subject to change. Any changes to the schedule will be announced by the Meet Director at the Daily Team Leader Briefing or Pilot Briefing and posted on the noticeboard.

The Entry Fee will be:

    • 80 Euro (1.360.000 IDR) per pilot
    • 50 Euro (850.000 IDR) per team leader/assistance The entry fee includes :
    • Transport to the take-off
    • First aid medical service
    • Pilot identification number
    • ID card & safety/contact information,
    • Breakfast Box, Lunch package, refreshments
    • Transportation from Banyuwangi airport & Kalibaru Station to the hotel
    • Hotel accomodation for 4 nights two-person in sharing room
    • Free access to all championship events

Prize and Award

1st Place: IDR. 5.000.000 + Medal + Certificate
2nd Place: IDR. 4.000.000 + Medal + Certificate
3rd Place: IDR. 3.000.000 + Medal + Certificate

1st Place: IDR. 4.000.000 + Medal + Certificate
2nd Place: IDR. 3.000.000 + Medal + Certificate
3rd Place: IDR. 2.000.000 + Medal + Certificate

1st Place: IDR. 9.000.000 + Medal + Certificate
2nd Place: IDR. 7.500.000 + Medal + Certificate
3rd Place: IDR. 5.000.000 + Medal + Certificate

Junior overall (under 26 years old)
1st Place: IDR. 3.000.000 + Medal + Certificate
2nd Place: IDR. 2.000.000 + Medal + Certificate
3rd Place: IDR. 1.500.000 + Medal + Certificate
4th Place: IDR. 1.000.000 + Medal + Certificate
5th Place: IDR. 750.000 + Medal + Certificate

Tax of 6% is not included

Cara Menuju Lokasi

Event Schedule is empty...

No Nama Pilot Fasida Status Pembayaran
1 Viki Mahardika Jawa Timur Already paid
2 Aris Afriansyah Banten Already paid
3 Riszky Dharmawan Jawa Barat Not yet paid
4 Silviana Bebby Kumalasari Jawa Tengah Already paid
5 Renita Dewiva Not yet paid
6 Ilham erwahyudha Already paid
7 Joni Efendi Already paid
8 Agus Sumanjaya Bali Already paid
9 Darumaka Rajasa Bali Already paid
10 I Ketut Budiasa Not yet paid
11 Naufal hammam Jawa Timur Already paid
12 Lina Herlina Jawa Barat Already paid
13 Indra Lesmana DKI Jakarta Already paid
14 Assyifa FA IQ Yunnanda Jawa Timur Already paid
15 Mabdullatif DKI Jakarta Already paid
16 Rizky maulana Banten Already paid
17 Darussalam DKI Jakarta Already paid
18 Shakira wasila amanda Not yet paid
19 I gede bayu sukrana Bali Already paid
20 Tini Mariana Pertiwi Jawa Tengah Already paid
21 Erik mulyana Jawa Barat Not yet paid
22 Maxwell Christephane Benen Sulawesi Tengah Not yet paid
23 Rika Wijayanti Jawa Timur Already paid
24 Disha Fajar Praharini Jawa Barat Already paid
25 Kris Diantono Jawa Tengah Already paid
26 Ardiansyah Mega Putra Jawa Timur Already paid
27 Ike Ayu wulandari Jawa Timur Already paid
28 Syahdhana Revi Jawa Timur Already paid
29 Arfan lubis Jilani Jawa Tengah Already paid
30 M hasan Mustopa Banten Already paid
31 Eka Nesti Wulansari Jawa Tengah Already paid
32 Gigih Iman N Jawa Timur Already paid
33 Damar Tetuko Harimurti Jawa Timur Already paid
34 Shawn Michael Benen Sulawesi Tengah Not yet paid
35 Eky Septiani Banten Already paid
36 Nur Fadhilla Jawa Barat Already paid
37 Muhammad Septianto Jawa Timur Already paid
38 Kurniawan Anggoro Gumilang Sulawesi Tengah Not yet paid
39 Aisyah Indika Desta Rahmadany Jawa Timur Already paid
40 Susana Dwi Cahyanti Jawa Timur Already paid
41 Damar aziz Prasidya Jawa Tengah Already paid
42 Erika Yolanda Putri Jawa Tengah Already paid
43 Roni Pratama Jawa Timur Already paid
44 Efwelin Agus A Jawa Timur Already paid
45 Muhammad Afifian Jawa Tengah Already paid
46 Kawanda Rafif Atallah Jawa Barat Already paid
47 Galih Darmawan Jawa Barat Already paid
48 Timbul Prasetyo Wibowo Jawa Timur Already paid
49 Alvin Pratama Jawa Barat Already paid
50 I Kadek Vero Surya Prakaca Not yet paid
51 Purnomo Alamsyahh Jawa Barat Already paid
52 Umar Jawa Barat Already paid
53 Gita Rezky Yuanita Guntari Jawa Timur Not yet paid
54 Permadi Chandra Bhuana Jawa Timur Already paid
55 Pricilia Monica Runtulalo DKI Jakarta Already paid
56 Haris Munawar Banten Already paid
57 Rira Nurhakim Sumatera Barat Not yet paid
58 M. Ismat Fadillah DKI Jakarta Already paid
59 Dede supratman Jawa Barat Already paid
60 Novia Desinta Banten Already paid
61 Made Agus Adi Wirawan Bali Not yet paid
62 Deri Farhan Mutakin DKI Jakarta Already paid
63 Belinda Maria Sigarlaki DKI Jakarta Already paid
64 Pangeran Dirgantara Pribaya Jawa Barat Already paid
65 GALUH ADE PRISTANTO Jawa Timur Already paid
66 Ferdian Erika Sanjaya Jawa Timur Not yet paid
67 Muhammad Yusuf DKI Jakarta Already paid
68 Azmi Azzaki Already paid
69 Shakira Wasila Amanda Jawa Barat Already paid
70 Karlina Dwi Aprilliani Jawa Barat Already paid
71 Milawati Nando Jawa Barat Already paid
72 Yosta Risman Aceh Already paid
73 Egi haryadi putra DKI Jakarta Not yet paid
74 Irvan Winarya Banten Already paid
75 Jafro Megawanto Jawa Timur Already paid
76 M Aldiansyah Yusuf Banten Already paid
77 Iman Romansyah Aceh Not yet paid
78 Seinar Lamba Papua Already paid
79 Raju Andika Aceh Not yet paid
80 Soni Ade Hermawan Nusa Tenggara Barat Not yet paid
81 Recky Bayu syahputro Jawa Timur Already paid
82 Ina Diana DKI Jakarta Not yet paid
83 Langking Ayu Pratiwi Aceh Already paid
84 Aprilia Kusumawati Aceh Already paid
85 Thomas Prihandoko ( PAPITO ) Jawa Tengah Already paid
86 Moh Sholekhul Hadi Jawa Tengah Already paid
87 Delfy Yoeseva Already paid
88 Amrullah Tanjung Sumatera Utara Already paid
89 Deri Farhan Mutakin Not yet paid
90 Oktavia Barokah Virda Aceh Already paid
91 Pipin Tawafrianti Already paid
92 Amri Pristiawan Di Yogyakarta Already paid


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