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Dear Delegates,


CIVL has noticed that some events have published on their websites that they have Category 2 status (i.e. they will get scored in the WPRS) while they still do not have the right to state so.

Only events that are published on FAI calendar can be ranked.

The link to the calendar is here:


Getting Cat 2 status implies the payment of a sanction fee and getting approvals of the NAC in due time. In our experience, the first takes only a few minutes, the second can take weeks. This is why we suggest to the organisers to apply as early as possible.

During the current pandemic, facilities have been offered to make the life of everyone easier: easier postponements, a full refund of the sanction fees… Still, some organisers wait untill the last minute to apply for Cat 2 status while advertising that they secured the said status. This is questionable, misleading and risky, because if the application is not submitted in time, pilots will not be ranked although they thought they would be.

We currently have 24 events that are not in line with what should be done. See under. These numbers don’t look like exceptions, but like a new way of life and this is bothering. Organisers, please respect the pilots and anticipate.


Link to events list:


Best regards,


Elena Filonova

CIVL Administrator & Competition Coordinator

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